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Inspirational Presentations

that deliver on theme.

'A fascinating talk.'

'An exceptional storyteller.'

'One of the best keynotes I've heard.'

Steve Bell
Storyteller & Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker who has a compelling story that aligns with your conference theme? Or need a thrilling coming-of-age story to inspire your school students?

As a former Everest guide and mountaineering entrepreneur, I tell stories that take your audience deeper into the theme of your event. Using the power of metaphor, my talks are tailored to leave an enduring message.

Popular themes:


  • Passion and purpose

  • Leadership and teamwork

  • Risk and responsibility

  • Resilience and motivation

Let's talk about your next event:  

'Really enjoyed listening to Steve talk about his lessons in life which are relatable to everyone and loved how he tailored it to our cohort of participants. Our participant feedback was really positive, and they expressed a wish that he had spoken longer. He did a great job of capturing the participants attention with his story telling. Highly recommended.' 

SuniTAFE, Mildura 2023

'Great feedback after your presentation with lots of “Bloody hell that was amazing.” The format you put together was very engaging and some of the comments I've had back was that people felt they hadn’t pushed themselves through the risk barrier enough to achieve that next level.'

Local Government Authorised Persons Association, SA. 2022.

'Fantastic and inspirational and a valued learning experience.'
Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, SA Chapter Conference 2021.

'It was fantastic having you come and share your experiences with the boys. They are still talking about it and telling their teachers as well, so you definitely have left an impact on them. Thank you very much!'
St Peter's College, Adelaide 2021.


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